iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement Now Available In Store At Apple: But Third Party Repairs Remain Cheaper

Apple have begun carrying out iPhone 5 screen replacement in store in an attempt to lower the cost of their iPhone 5 repair.

This in store iPhone 5 screen replacement includes the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and the iPhone 5c.

The cost of Apples in store iPhone 5 screen replacement is still high, however. Paying for an iPhone 5 screen replacement with Apple will cost consumers $149.

Even with the $99 Applecare purchase, the iPhone 5 screen replacement at Apple will still cost $49.

With Fixspot however, an iPhone 5 screen replacement will only cost you $79. This is markedly cheaper than Apples fee. Even with Apples “Applecare+, the money saved on Applecare+ repairs does not equal out the money saved by repairing your iPhone 5 with third party repairers.

iPhone 5 screen replacement
Apple implements in store repairs to lower cost of Apple repairs. Third party repairs shown to still be cheaper than Apple repairs however.

Does Apple’s In Store Repairs Make Them More Affordable Than Third Party Repairs?

The implementation of in store iPhone 5 screen replacement is no doubt a move to try and make Apple repairs cheaper.  However third party repairers seem to still provide the cheaper repair costs check this guaranteed cash if you have no credit.

  At Fixspot, we offer not only repair prices much lower than Apple’s but some of the lowest repair prices in Australia. Our low prices do not impair the quality of our repairs however.

All our repair specialists are skilled technicians with years of experience in their field.

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iPad Repairs And Error 53

iPhone and iPad Repairs Made Impossible For Third Party Repairers By “Error 53”

Reports have been speculating that the infamous “Error 53” could be a ploy by Apple to squash the burgeoning iPhone and iPad repairs industry. 

Owners of the more recent versions of the iPhone and iPad have been reporting the “error 53” issues since 2014. Error 53 seems to arise for users when they damage their Touch ID sensor.

Prior to repair, iPhone and iPad users try to back up their data which will be deleted during third party repairs. This is when many users see the “error 53” message, which states that the iPhone or iPad can not be restored due to “unknown error 53.” The iPhone and iPad then reportedly shuts down, and deletes all the devices data permanently. Reports also show that “error 53” causes the iPhone or iPad to stop working completely.

There are speculations that Apple are using “error 53” to limit the flourishing iPhone and iPad repairs industry. Some experts think Apple could be using this error to make it necessary for all iPhone and iPad users to repair their devices through Apple rather than any third party repairers. 

iPad repairs
Reports speculate the “error 53” could be a ploy by Apple to diminish iPhone and iPad repairs industry.

Error 53 seems to only arise when the Touch ID sensor is damaged. The Touch ID sensor is relatively new feature that is used only in the more recent iPhone and iPad models. Error 53 seems to suggest that these Touch ID sensors have been cryptographically secured by Apple during manufacturing. This eliminates the possibility of third party repair stores being able to sufficiently repair the iPhone or iPad when this error occurs.

This error has resulted in an investigation against Apple by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC). ACCC are said to be investigating whether or not a “security measure” that turns a thousand dollar product obsolete is a violation of consumer rights.

Apple has come under criticism many times before for making their products notoriously difficult for third party repairers to repair. Could this “error 53” be a ploy to increase Apple repair business and diminish the flourishing iPhone and iPad repairs industry?


6000 of United airlines customer service employees will have an iPhone 6 Plus soon

United is one of biggest Apple customers among other airlines. They already have a customised iOS and a special application to manage their bookings and other tasks.  iPhone 6 Plus   After dropping in customer satisfaction ranking, United decided to equip their customer service employees based in US with 6000 iPhone 6 Plus early next year. iPhone 6 Plus will be used to make pigs fly when helping customers with printing boarding passes or scanning logage tags etc. and eventually to make a full booking.  

iPhone headphone jack to be removed by Apple

iPhone headphone jack is one of iPhone features most of users use a lot.

Probably you have heard some news about Apple going to remove current 3.5 mm iPhone headphone jack. According to a report out of JapaniPhone headphone jack in currents models 

iPhone headphone jack is going to be removed by Apple to make the iPhone even thinner.

iPhone users will have option to purchase an adaptor to use their old headphones or buy a new headphone which Apple is going to release at the same time with iPhone 7 next year. iPhone headphone jack adaptor is even available in the market now.
 iPhone headphone jack removed in design concept 
Headphone jack in iPhone is going to be replaced with the lightening data port to listen to music which will make the new headphones not cheap since the lightening data port can only transfer digital output format. Also using same port for charging the device and headphone jack will makes some complications for users to use the headphone while charging the iPhone.

 iPhone headphone jack to be replaced with current lightening port 
Headphone jack in iPhone will be removed but in the other hand it can be an improvement in terms of quality of output comparing to current models.

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