iPhone Screen Repair

There are two types of broken screens:    1-Broken Glass  2-Broken LCD

What does iPhone broken glass mean?

Let’s say you accidently dropped your phone on the floor, and now you have an iPhone with a broken screen, if you can use your phone like it used to be, there is no line/colour changing on the display and it is functioning correctly it means just the glass is broken.

There is another reason which could cause broken glass, having a bad frame (It could be bent, damaged on the corners).

You may ask why my frame should be bent well it is a standard issue among iPhone 6 and six plus as these two are slim and could easily become bent after a while for different reasons (one of them is sitting while the phone is in your pocket).

Also if you do not use a case for your iPhone after sometimes, the frame could have some damages on the corners.

So it is better to prevent your phone from damaging itself.

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What does iPhone broken LCD mean?

This time, you have accidentally dropped your phone, and you cannot use it as before. There are lines or dark dots/spots on the display, display colour has been changed or even worst the screen is entirely black, you know your phone is on because you can hear things are happening but NO screen.

Having a bad frame (damages on the corners or being bent) on your iPhone could cause your LCD not working as well. Sometimes there is no crack on your glass or LCD but you can see some lines on the display, and the touch is not responding sometimes or all the time.

If you have a battery problem, this could cause LCD problem too. If you have noticed that the battery life of your iPhone is not like before, It needs to be charged 3-4 times a day for regular usage or it drain so fast you should be worried about your LCD as well. Cause when your battery is not a good one it means it is getting fat and since there is not much space inside the phone the battery will start pushing the LCD from inside, and it can break, so if you ignore changing the battery, it could cause you more issues in future.

iPhone Broken LCD

How much does an iPhone screen repair cost?

There are two facts which will affect the iPhone screen repair cost:

  1. iPhone model (The newest one is the expensive one)
  2. Whether glass or LCD of your iPhone is broken (LCD is more expensive than glass)

You may ask why when just iPhone glass is broken it is cheaper to get fixed while the part repair shops are using is a compact part (LCD and Glass). Well, the answer is simple when just the glass is broken the part (Broken glass with good LCD) is useful again they can be refurbished and will back to the market.

*Refurbished LCD,  is an LCD which the broken glass has been removed from the good LCD, then the LCD has been cleaned, and new glass has been attached to it (For all of these steps special tools are needed)

How long does an iPhone screen repair take?

iPhone screen repair will take 10-30 minutes for most iPhone models, it depends on to their design, for instance, to replace iPhone 4/4s screen the technician needs to disassemble all the phone so more time is needed.

Some people may ask why a repair shop I can fix it myself:

To fix your screen, you need to have proper tools and the part (new LCD) which you may buy them from an online store then you need to follow online tutorials step by step.

There could be some problems if you fix it yourselves:

  1. You may rip a connector
  2. Use wrong screws which may cause main board problems
  3. Forget to put back something in the right place
  4. The part you have is faulty and is useless
  5. You may damage something, and it appears after a while

If you fix your phone in a repair shop, they are technicians who have years of experience to fix it for you. If the part is faulty, they have another one to use, and you will have the warranty on your repair so if after a while something is wrong on your device you can go back and ask to check it for you.

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