The motherboard is the central part of the computer. It is a very important part and needs to be replaced with high quality components. If you do not have high quality motherboard, you may not be able to use the computer.

If your motherboard / main board has a bad component, you will have to get a new motherboard. This is because the motherboard is the heart of your computer. The motherboard will usually be covered under a warranty, but if it’s faulty, you will have to get a new one.

Most of the repairs we do are main board repairs and we specialize in repairing all sorts of phone and computer main board. You can get a free estimate for any main board repair in Melbourne and most of the repairs will take a maximum of 2 hours, if the main board is available. We can repair your main board at a fraction of the price that it would cost you to buy a new main board.

These components are not easily repaired via conventional methods. With the motherboard repairs, it could take a longer time to repair it or recover data. We try to do it within a day but some jobs can take 2 3 days or even a week to repair(depends on the parts availability).Instead of trying your luck with the rice method, it is better to bring your phone to Fixspot for more chances of getting fixed and saving your data.

Main board diagnostic equipment

Fixspot is equipped with diagnostic equipment to check for common motherboard faults. The results are displayed on the main screen. If there is a fault with the motherboard, it will be shown in red on the main screen. The service engineer can then repair the motherboard or replace the motherboard if necessary.

This is a Main Board fault caused by defective electronic components. Most people will only consider the conventional way of fixing the . However, this is not always the best way. The Main board will be repaired with advanced technology and the process will be very fast.

Our Technician

The motherboard is the central printed circuit board (pcb) in phones and computers and holds many of the crucial components of the system. Our technicians are highly skilled in repairing motherboard fault caused by defective electronic components. These components are not easily repaired via conventional methods.

We can repair all Main Board brands

Main board repair services and cost in Melbourne CBD Australia. We can repair Main Board of most of the phones especially:

  • iphones,
  • samsung
  • Oppo
  • Google Pixel
  • HTC, Huawei
  • LG
  • Nokia
  • OnePlus

We repair all brands main board.