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iPad & iPod Repair Services

The Apple iPad is one of the most sought after tablets around, jam-packed with advanced features to help us in every aspect of our lives.

Whether used for business, entertainment or learning, the iPad continues to revolutionize our lives. But now & then, iPad owners can experience problems with their tablet and may be in need of fast, effective & affordable iPad repairs.

This is where FixSpot can help. Renowned for their unrivalled experience & expertise in specialist iPad repairs, we offer a complete range of iPad repairs across a number of models that will see your iPad repaired in no time at all. Repairs include:

  • Cracked or damaged Screen
  • Liquid Damage
  • Sound or speakers
  • Connections and Signal
  • Battery replacement
  • Button Repair

We repair all iPad models including iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad with Retina Display & the iPad Mini Screen Repair Service.

Just like iPad using the iPod is so popular as well but they may have face problem with the Audio jack, Battery, Wheel, broken screen and the Hard drive . if you faced one of these problem just bring your iPod to our office and let our technicians take care of it and fix it for you on spot.

Please visit water damaged price list:

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