Steps for sending your device to us:

post your iphone

  1. Remove your sim card/memory card from your broken phone. Please send your battery with the phone. The phone needs to be tested before it is sent back to you.
  2. Place your phone in to a bubble bag – alternatively wrap it in bubble wrap.
  3. Insert a small note explaining your fault, any price you have been quoted along with your name, address and contact number.
  4. When the phone arrives it will be booked in for a free inspection unless the quote has been given over the phone or by email & you have requested us to go ahead with the repair.
  5. It depends on the service your device could be fixed whiten the same day up to 2 or 3 days (sometimes the broken device needs a part which we need to order/ it takes time to find the problem).There is still no charge for this but please be patient and someone will call you with an update
  6. If for any reason your repair will cost more than the quote, we will call you first, we NEVER do any repairs without your consent. If the repair is unsuccessful  there will be no charge for the time spent on the phone however there will be a small fee to return the phone.
  7. When the repair is complete we will call/text you and take your credit / debit card payment and return your phone via courier next day delivery.

Send Phone or device with the explanation of the fault to:

Level 2 Unit 207 / 125 Swanston Street

Melbourne CBD VIC 3000